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Cofton Hackett Village Hall

CCTV is installed in the hall & around the car park

New security bar fitted to entrance only key holders can gain admittance

Confused !!!

Cofton Hackett Village Hall building was paid for by the then residents of Cofton Hackett with over two years of house collections, jumble sales etc. Some of the long standing residents might remember.
You could say the Hall building is owned by residents of Cofton Hackett .The land it stands on is owned by the Parish Council, the land (The Old Quarry) was gifted by a local resident to the then Parish Council for the purpose of an affordable venue to be built there.
It was built to serve the residents of Cofton Hackett and surrounding area ,as an affordable, convenient venue to hold meeting, parties, and other local private & community events It is a completely independent hall free from any Religious, Parish or any other organization and can be hired by all. (Within Reason)
The C.H.V.H committee has a lease on the land Cofton Hackett Village Hall Building and car park occupy. The hall Lease was granted in 1969 for 60 years and has approx. 10 years to run. It is still run, as- per the original lease, by a managing committee made up of long term hires and locals, to oversee the running of the hall. None of which has any financial interest in the hall.
Cofton Hackett Village Hall (CHVHc) has never has received any monies from the Parish Council in the way of grants or other. The hall was gifted £50,000.00 by Bromsgrove District Council; in 1999, this enabled the main outside and inside area to be brought up to date (see pictures before & after) sadly we have never made sufficient surplus funds to have the kitchen and toilets refurbished
Its lease was set up as independent hall and remains the same.
C.H.V.H. committee relies entirely, on the people paying to hire the hall, small groups and individuals, using it for children’s parties, family gatherings, meetings etc for its income.
CHVHc is a registered charity and is run as such with only one regular paid employee (a cleaner 2 hours a week) and a gardener who comes about every 2/ 3 months to keep weeds/grass down
All admin work and day to day duties are carried out, on an un-paid volunteer basis.
All other work is carried out by trades, paid for again by the C.H.V.H.committee when funds permit i.e. security camera, decorating, Up- grading of electrics, security barrier plus any remedial essential work to the building it’s self
Some months ago Cofton Hackett Village Hall committee, approached the Parish Council for a grant of £10,000.00 to enable toilets & kitchen to be refurbished.

A decision is yet to be made.
C.H.V.H.committee express a wish to carry on offering its services to residents ,working in co-operation with the Parish Council owned hall, being built by St Modwen, (as part of their planning application), and other grants from the Parish Council.
Cofton Hackett Village Hall committee having a long & wide experience of local and hirer’s wishes, consider with the ever increasing population of Cofton Hackett, the two halls can complement each other and give residents a wider choice of venues, catering for different usages.
Regards Jennie Webb
(On behalf of Cofton Hackett Village Hall Committee) 23.04.2019

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