Cost of hiring Cofton Hackett Village Hall For one off bookings Parties etc.
These prices take effect from 1st November 2020 

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Please note: C.H.V.H  is now restricting numbers of persons attending

Please note:The CHVH hall closes at 10 pm

Week Days
Times between
Cost per hour
Minimum  hours allowed to book
Mornings 9am-1pm 14.00 2 Hours
Afternoon 1pm-6pm 16.00 2 hours
Evenings 6pm-10.30 18.00 3 hours
Mornings 9am-1 pm 15.00 3 hours
Afternoon 1-pm- 6-pm 17.30 3 hours
Evenings 6 pm- 10.30pm 21.00 3 hours
Morning 9 am-1 pm 14.00 3 hours
Afternoon 1 pm - 6 pm 16.00 3 hours
Evenings 6 pm-10.30 19.00 3 hours
Small meeting room  
Morning 15.00 3 hours
Afternoon 18.00 3 hours
Evenings 21.00 4 hours  

A deposit of £40.00 to be paid when making a booking For a day time party /gathering

A deposit of £100.00 is required if event is after 6pm

 Returnable after hall has been checked

Balance payment to be paid (4) four weeks before booked date




For regular group/class bookings please enquire



Account No 050281

Sort Code

30 91 38

Please Note

Cofton Hackett Village Hall Committee

All payments have to be made by Direct Transfer

No cash or Cheques



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