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History of Cofton Hackett Village Hall

Cofton Hackett Village Hall was built with money collected by the residents of Cofton Hackett n the late 60's early 7'0's .On land known as the old quarry thought to have gifted to Cofton Hackett Parish Council by a local resident for the purpose of a hall being built there
The present committee try very hard to ensure C.H.V.H remains affordable for all to hire while still meeting it's running costs
The committee of the C.H.V.H were granted a lease from he Parish Council for 60 years for the hall and surrounding area to be used by Residents and surrounding area to enjoy. When built resembled a green house(see pictures in entrance).In 1999/2000 the then committee received a grant of £50.000.to carry out a compete refurbishment and bring the hall to building standards, new insulation inside & out ,new roof, new double glazed doors/windows new heating new lighting plus more. Unfortunately there was insufficient funds to up-date kitchen a toilets.
 C.H.V.H had been allowed t be run down and the building neglected , with no groups or residents using the hall and no income coming in. Over he years it has taken time  build up again.
Last year 2019 the committee received £7,500.00 which partly enabled the kitchen and gent's toilet to have a long awaited refurbishment the ladies due to be started soon
How is the C.H.V.H run today and it's future
C.H.V.H is run by unpaid committee as a charity using  the  income received from groups  and families using the hall for parties etc. The income pays for all services and any left in the kitty is paid to the up-keep of the hall and any improvements
There are no paid employees ( except a cleaner 2 hrs. per week) All administration work is carried out on a voluntary basis .All money received after normal running costs are met, is spent on keeping the hall in good repair ,security and up-date essentials.
C.H.V.H receives no income from council tax, service charge' or from any outside body and is completely independent as its lease detailed
C.H.V.H future:
The present committee believe Cofton Hackett has the capacity for two halls with it's expanding community . With Cofton Hackett Village Hall  not being a expenditure to be met by the residents ,providing a service to the local area at an affordable expense
Who knows. but it is hoped the land and a hall will still be available for all to enjoy for the original purpose it was gifted
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